Torrent List

The Torrent List is what I call the main area of the component. It shows the torrents that are currently being served by the tracker with all the important information about it. Below you can see a sample image of this area:


Torrent List

The Torrent list shows the Torrent Name, the category, size of the torrent (the contents), when it was added (Year.Month.Day), the number of leechers, the number of seeders, the number of times the torrent was completed (completely downloaded), the name of the user who uploaded the torrent (blurted due to privacy) and a quick download button (for the users who have permission to download from the tracker).

Above the list there is a search area where the user can search for torrents within the list, a category selector, the type of torrents (Active, Dead, All or hidden [special group access]) and the number of torrents to show per page (10 in the image).

The name, category, size, added, L (leechers), S (seeders), C (completed) and Added by can be sorted by clicking on the respective label.

In the bottom of the page there's the navigation links where the user can change the page number.

The Torrent list is basic but it's the page that the users will use most, so I've made it simple and useful.