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The XBT Tracker Frontend component

This component provides an integration between Joomla and the XBT Tracker. A big "THANK YOU" to Olaf for all the time he spent replying to my emails and questions. Please support the XBT Tracker project by sending a donation to Olaf. XBT Tracker is the best tracker available, period!


Besides the regular XBT Tracker funcionalities the component also provides the following features:

  • Torrent Categories
  • User Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Donations
  • Licenses
  • Countries
  • Client Ban (*)
  • Host Ban (*)
  • Thank You's
  • File Types
  • Reseed Request
  • Torrent Reporting
  • Freeleech Support
  • Ratio Control
  • Tracker Statistics
  • Forum Integration
  • Download and Upload Multiplier (*)
  • Peer Speed (*)
  • Comment System
  • Seeding Time (*)


* - XBT Tracker modification sold by Olaf

The component is divided into the following areas (click on the links to get more information regarding that specific area):




  • Latest Torrents
  • Online Staff
  • Tracker Statistics
  • User Statistics